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The Funniest Linus Tech Tips Memes You Need to See

Linus Tech Tips, or LTT, is one of the most popular and influential tech YouTube channels out there. Known for its informative and often hilarious videos about all things tech-related, the channel has gained a massive following of loyal fans. With such a large fan base, it’s no surprise that there are many memes dedicated to the eccentric host, Linus Sebastian, and the channel itself. In this article, we will take a look at some of the funniest Linus Tech Tips memes that you need to see.

1. “Floatplane gang rise up!”

One of the most iconic Linus Tech Tips memes involves his involvement with Floatplane, a subscription-based video-sharing platform. In one particular video, Linus enthusiastically encourages his viewers to join “Floatplane gang” as a way to support the channel. This phrase quickly became a meme, often used in situations where people band together for a common cause, no matter how trivial.

2. “It’s fine, we can just floatplane it.”

Another meme that originated from Linus Tech Tips is the phrase “It’s fine, we can just floatplane it.” In a video where Linus faced technical difficulties while trying to play a video game, he casually suggested using Floatplane as a solution to the problem. This humorous phrase is now often used in online communities to downplay any technical issues and suggest an alternative, even if it’s not the most practical one.

3. “Linus drops things”

Linus Sebastian’s clumsy nature is widely known, and his reputation for dropping things has become a running joke among his fans. Whether it’s accidentally dropping a delicate piece of technology during a review or comically struggling to hold multiple items at once, Linus’ butterfingers are a constant source of amusement for meme creators.

4. “Linus’ hair formula”

Another meme that has gained traction is the idea that Linus Sebastian’s luxurious hair is the secret behind his technical expertise. The meme jokingly suggests that Linus’ long, flowing locks possess a mystic power that enhances his tech knowledge. This humorous take on his appearance has become a popular inside joke in the Linus Tech Tips community.

5. “WAN Show dance”

The WAN Show is a live-streamed podcast hosted by Linus and his team, where they discuss the latest tech news and answer viewer questions. During these live streams, Linus often exhibits his energetic dance moves, which have been turned into countless memes. From jiving to breakdancing, the GIFs and clips of Linus’ dance moves are guaranteed to lighten up your day.

6. “Linus loves RGB”

RGB lighting has become a staple in the world of gaming and computer hardware. Linus’ fascination with RGB lights is well-documented, and memes jokingly suggest that he might have a secret obsession with installing RGB lights on absolutely everything, including his pets. This lighthearted meme reflects both Linus’ love for flashy visuals and the tech community’s ongoing affair with RGB lighting.

In conclusion, Linus Tech Tips has undoubtedly created numerous memes that have spread across the internet. From Linus’ clumsiness to his love for RGB lights, these memes reflect the community’s love for the channel and its host’s eccentricities. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just someone who enjoys a good tech-related laugh, these Linus Tech Tips memes are sure to bring a smile to your face.


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