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The Evolution of Linus Tech Tips Memes: From Inside Jokes to Internet Sensations

If you’re an avid tech enthusiast or a regular viewer of Linus Tech Tips, you’re probably familiar with the numerous memes that have emerged from the channel over the years. Linus Tech Tips, hosted by Linus Sebastian, has gained a massive following and has become a go-to resource for tech-related content on YouTube. What started as a channel focused on hardware reviews and tutorials has evolved into a cultural phenomenon with its own set of inside jokes and internet sensations.

One of the earliest memes that gained traction among the Linus Tech Tips community is the infamous “This… is the worst keyboard… in the world!” line. Linus, known for his straightforward and often brutal honesty when it comes to reviewing products, delivered this line in a video while reviewing a subpar keyboard. This quote became an instant hit and soon became a running joke in the channel’s comment sections and online forums. Viewers started using the phrase in various contexts, mocking anything they deemed as subpar or disappointing.

Another iconic meme that emerged from Linus Tech Tips is the “Floatplane Gang” reference. Floatplane, a platform founded by Linus himself, offers ad-free and exclusive content for subscribers. Linus occasionally mentions Floatplane in his videos and jokingly refers to its subscribers as the “Floatplane Gang.” This catchy phrase quickly caught on with viewers, and soon, fans were proudly proclaiming their membership in the Floatplane Gang in the comments of every video. It became a symbol of dedication and support for Linus and the channel.

Linus Tech Tips also spawned the popular “Luke, don’t do that” meme, which revolves around Linus’ colleague, Luke Lafreniere. Luke, often portrayed as the more serious and level-headed member of the team, occasionally finds himself in humorous situations in the videos. Whenever Luke does something adventurous or potentially risky, like overclocking a system without proper precautions, Linus responds with a concerned “Luke, don’t do that!” This catchphrase became a recurring joke whenever Luke embarked on questionable endeavors in the videos, making it a staple in the Linus Tech Tips meme repertoire.

In addition to these prominent memes, there are countless other inside jokes and references that have originated from Linus Tech Tips. From “short circuiting” Linus’ notorious aversion to electrical shocks to “picking up all the chicks” referencing an incident when Linus dropped a tray of eggs, these jokes and memes have become deeply ingrained in the channel’s culture.

What sets Linus Tech Tips memes apart is their ability to resonate not only with the die-hard fans but also with the broader internet community. These memes have transcended the channel itself, spreading across various social media platforms, Reddit threads, and even tech-related subreddits. They’ve become an integral part of internet culture, with people who have never even watched Linus Tech Tips using the memes in their daily conversations.

The evolution of Linus Tech Tips memes showcases the power and influence of online communities. What began as simple inside jokes within the channel’s fanbase transformed into internet sensations, reaching an audience far beyond the channel’s regular viewers. These memes have become a way for fans to connect, bond, and express their appreciation for Linus Tech Tips and its unique content. So, next time you encounter a Linus Tech Tips meme, remember its humble beginnings as an inside joke and appreciate how it has evolved into an internet sensation.


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